Scientific Work - Posters

There will only be one way to present scientific work: POSTERS.
The Scientific Committee will be in charge of selecting them. Summaries should be uploaded to LASS website or sent by email to:

Posters Submission Deadline: May 15th

Latin American Seating Symposium secretary shall confirm reception by sending an email to the presenter within the next 72 hours. This will be the only valid confirmation. In case confirmation is not received within that period of time, please resend your work.

Guidelines to send summaries:

  • Text must not be longer than 300 words (Title, authors and institutions are not included).
  • Summaries must only be sent in Spanish.
  • The presenter must be enrolled in the congress.
  • All work must contain the authors' name and their place of work.
  • Typography must be Times New Roman 11.
  • Title must be in bold capital letter and within the frame in the summary paper.
  • Author and Institution names must be added under the title as follows: for instance: García, Raúl; López, Cristina; Penas, Santiago – Hospital. Xxxx, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Instructions for writing summaries:

  • Introduction and objectives (clearly stated).
  • Material and methods (general description of the methodology used and details of the main methods used).
  • Results (they must be clearly presented including quantitative and statistical data).
  • Conclusion (it should be specific, based on the results and be in accordance with the original objectives).
  • If abbreviations are used, they must be defined first time they appear.